Thankfully, spring really has arrived, and it’s the second Sunday in May already:

Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!

One important mother to celebrate and honour is Mother Earth. She provides us

with endless gifts. We are just as dependent on Mother Earth as we were on our

own mothers when growing up. The sun, air, water, soil, living things… all to nourish

and support us. Mother Earth is our shared mother, our home.

Think about how you interact with Mother Earth every day. Did you know that “the

most profound engagement with the natural world happens on our own plates?”


Our biggest interaction with Mother Earth is what we choose to eat (or not eat).

What food choices do you make? Mine include local farm to table, sustainable, non-

GMO, good living conditions for animals, and eco-friendly.  It can be more

challenging to stick to our choices when eating out. The key is to find eateries that

value Mother Earth just as much. One such place is Hamilton’s the Butcher and the


What we eat fuels our bodies, our thoughts and

actions, our behaviour, our personality. Food is us.


I am deeply happy and excited to be working with B&V. Their innovative

kitchen speaks to my heart, soul, and stomach (on top of them being such warm and

lovely people!)! They are vocal about featuring and using local products in their

delicious creations. Farm to table is the name of their game. Bringing farm fresh

local goods to their tables, the community. Their Fixed Farm menus with specifically

highlighted local eats and drinks to sample and enjoy. Sign me up!

Currently, some of the local artisans they are featuring on their menu include:

-Harrington Lane Farms: small-family eco responsible and humane agriculture farm

in Puslinch has bees, sheep, chickens, ducks, and pigs that are pasture raised with

love and no GMOs. (I personally can’t wait to visit their farm.)

- Fenwood Farms: This farm offers many choices including certified organic chicken

(!) as well as antibiotic free chicken. They are located in Ancaster.

-Our Gate to Your Plate: a Grimsby farm that aims to bring the quality and taste of

cattle, pigs, sheep, and poultry to our tables.

-Thistle Brae Farms: In Coptown, this farm raises Highland cattle for our plates.

-Wellington Brewery: this microbrewery from Guelph produces small-batch beers

using all-natural ingredients

I look forward to meeting you at the Butcher and Vegan.