Our philosophy in building this restaurant is to create a new way of looking at how we eat and how we connect to our community.  These are the tenets of how we choose what we present to you:

  1. Local & Vocal - We are committed to showcasing local products and suppliers in the Hamilton-Niagara region.  Our goal is to use only products from within an hour's drive of our location, not just for the footprint implications, but because we are loud about being proud of this region and all the great producers, farmers, brewers and artists we have to offer.
  2. Quality Goods & Service - We aim to provide downtown Hamilton with a space that offers warm, inviting service that caters to all of its residents. We will offer quality products lovingly imagined and executed, as well as whimsy and community spirit at fair prices.
  3. GMOs - We source our products with a huge emphasis on single ingredient foods that are unrefined. We know Mother Nature is the star and needs just a little bit of our help to shine, along with great care.
  4. Farm To Table - We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are providing a product that comes from a good home, whether it be plant, animal or vegetable. We want to be part of the sustainable solution and hopefully help along this revolution. Our 'Fixed Farm' menus will feature local products paired with local beer, wine & beverage options that will allow you to sample what's freshest and best about Hamilton right now.
  5. Business With Ethics - We source as much as possible from local independent businesses, co-ops and Fair Trade certified wholesalers, with an emphasis on fair wages and human rights. We are open to working with non-profit and educational groups to help them get exposure through special events at our location.
  6. Environmental Responsibility - We only use bio-degradable products and non-toxic chemicals wherever that is a choice.
  7. High Animal Welfare Farming - One of our main focuses in this restaurant is stopping factory farming and giving farms that treat animals with the utmost respect a stage to promote their time-honoured traditions and products.
  8. Entertainment & Education - We want to provide Hamilton with one of the most unique experiences in the region, and once a month we will aim to do that with our "one-off" series. This will be a night to celebrate, with unique entertainment or educational experiences that will mark the launch of a new limited run beer from Wellington in Guelph County, and an exclusive menu from Our Gate To Your Plate in Grimsby, which is the epitome of sustainable and ethical farming. In addition, we will showcase local music on our playlists, long form showcasing of musicians of all stripes, and maybe even a little local -oke (karaoke) just for fun. 
  9. Dietary Balance - Our main focus when you boil it all down is providing a great meal, and not just a great meal for you but for all of your friends and family as well. Our menu caters to vegetarians, carnivores, vegans, paleos, celiac disease sufferers and those that don't like gluten, all under one roof and without sacrificing flavour, anywhere. All of our recipes are straight up great, and don't need to be confined to the health food aisle.
  10. Nutritional Recipes - All of our recipes are reviewed by our own nutritional expert from EatThinkBe to ensure the value in what we serve is top notch. In addition, we can help you navigate not just our menu to fit your needs and taste, but by providing specific recipes that appeal to your diet through a catalogue we will create over time with ETB.